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Hello, I'm Shanaz

(she/her/hers), pronounced: shah-nawz

Shanaz Ikonne is a licensed professional counselor specializing in trauma informed therapy, speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, and mother who advocates for increasing workplace wellness. She is a Trauma Expert, Speaker, Social Justice Advocate, and Wellness Strategist. She has been seen in places such as the University of Texas,, Voyage Dallas, Canvas Rebel, Kristi's List, and Asian Mental Health Collective and most recently featured in "Best in Small Biz Guide 2024."

I’m here to help break some generational chains, barriers, and anything holding you back from being your most authentic self.

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Embrace your most


Providing therapy to adults in Texas who are looking to overcome anxiety, trauma, and stress, live authentically & mindfully while building a life they want.

I offer trauma-informed virtual counseling sessions that treat the whole person, nurturing the mind and body.

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My practice focuses on the unique needs of individuals, corporations, businesses, and universities who want to reduce mental health stigma and mental illness by fostering an inclusive, safe place/workplace that promotes health, healing, and emotional wellness.

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Trauma-informed Counseling


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Speaking & Corporate Wellness Consulting

By appointment only

Shanaz is warm and attentive to her client's needs. Her expertise is vast and with tailored approaches that are inclusive of the client's lived experiences and identities. Her presence does not make anyone feel judged or ashamed to seeking help.

Erika Esquivel

Shanaz is compassionate, understanding, genuine, and very trustworthy. She is always seeking ways to support and help others in both her personal and work life. Shanaz has a true gift at what she does and I will continue to recommend her to my clients.

Deena Velazquez Dong

Shanaz is an awesome, very skilled clinician, that provides a safe, nurturing, supportive environment for her clients in their emotional healing journeys. She’s especially skilled in the Peri/Postnatal mental health care.

Maria Garza

Featured on

Kristi's List
Asian Mental Health Collective

Supporting corporate wellness

I offer professional speaking and consulting to all businesses, universities, employee resource groups, infinity circles, and community settings through interactive mental health workshops and training.


These include community support sessions around national events, menopause in the workplace, how to increase employee engagement, and reducing mental health stigma in the workplace with workshops and training tailored to support your companies needs.

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Past corporate clients

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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” 

Brené Brown

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